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Why relationships are so rocky those days?

One who has never experienced an argument in a relationship has never really been in one. It is impossible to live in a couple without conflicts, but how we solve them can change the condition of our relationship. So how to make your relationship better?

The conflict of interests

There is no denying that there are always two sides to every relationship – one may want something, while the other does not want it. The key to this situation is always compromise. Without it, there will never be a compromise. Many couples sometimes never really make compromises, because one or the other party refuses to budge (just like they would while watching redtube with their SO and decided that THIS is what they would want to do with them in bed), which is obviously a mistake. Naturally, it shouldn’t be so either, because the balance of power will change then – which can lead to the breakdown of such a relationship. In a perfect world, the distribution of forces would be about 50:50 – but on the other hand, there is usually no such possibility. Therefore, remember to try to make your partner aware that you are willing to make concessions, but you have to meet “halfway”. There was a scene in Dr. House, when Dr. Cuddy said to him that a relationship is when you ,,average your misery” with one another.

What are the ups and downs in a relationship?

 Most often it is when one of the parties is lucky, i.e. gets a raise, buys a new car, or funds the other person to go somewhere. Naturally, most of the ups don’t last long, because if we get used to the other side to be “pampered”, they’ll just ask for more and more every time. They most often happen in those situations when we discover betrayal, or that our partner is talking behind our back. Naturally, these are not the only cases, because catching your partner in a lie is also often something that can make our relationship worse. Often, the relationship’s downfall is influenced by a lack of communication, or its improper form. Therefore, in order to prevent this, always try to talk to your partner in such a way that there is nothing understatement between you, because it can only make your relationship worse.

Ways to make your relationship better

Certainly frequent and honest conversations. Throwing away everything we don’t like about our partner, which drives us crazy and trying to change it for the better. Everyone in the relationship does something that annoys the other partner (like falls asleep after sex), but if we hide it from him, one day we just can’t stand it, and we’ll get rid of everything we don’t like about him. This is very bad, because a surprised partner may also answer the same way – and at this point we have already had a relationship, and if it is a valuable person for us, then we will certainly regret it later, right? That’s why you need to sometimes put up with more stuff than usual, just to make this relationship just a little bit better.

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