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Escort between seriousness and twilight?

Although we live and love in 2020 in a seemingly very tolerant and open-minded society, escort still hovers a bit between seriousness and twilight. Are escort ladies pure prostitutes or exclusive escort ladies? What is the difference between an escort service and a brothel? It seems as if the profession of the escort lady still needs clarification even in this millennium.

Are erotic adventures mandatory when meeting an escort lady?

The escort ladies of the escort service present themselves of course extremely erotic with their portfolios, they promise a hot escort date, eroticism with a variety of the fulfillment of secret desires. But escort is not equal to sex. Eroticism is not mandatory for an escort meeting, because the escort ladies of the escort services are actually booked as a pure escort for various occasions. Here class counts instead of mass, the opera visit, the meeting, the business trip, leisure activities such as golf, tennis or wellness, the escort ladies are actually not booked solely because of the erotic experience. The escort ladies offer a serious escort, charming and open-minded, everything may, but nothing must.

Why are meetings only offered for 2 hours?


This is exactly where the difference to a brothel lies. The escort ladies are only available from a booking period of at least 2 hours, because we as a first-class escort service do not offer cheap and fast sex, but meet a special escort. Time for a conversation, peace, and relaxation, maybe a small snack, or an extensive dinner with a 4 to 5-course menu, but no sex between “door and Angel”. The escort ladies prepare themselves for each escort meeting carefully, hectic and stress, spontaneous dates within 1 hour do not take place, because it is unrealistic and that it inevitably ends in “clearance”, we refuse. Likewise, we do not offer parking sex or outdoor somewhere in the middle of the park or on the lake and home visits only in exceptional cases, or with security about the Indentuality of the person. Here, of course, discretion is offered. This regulation serves, on the one hand, the security of the escort ladies and on the other hand, only, in the long run, the exclusivity can be guaranteed. With a relatively high and different price level, it is ensured that only gentlemen are interested in the escort service, whose interest lies in the main in an exclusive and extravagant escort meeting.

Escort also means appreciation

The headline says it with clear and distinct words, escort also means appreciation. During an escort date, two people meet at eye level and with mutual appreciation. This is not about” using “or” exploiting”, but rather about a beautiful, common and harmonious time spent with mutual respect.

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